Leadership Council – November 2022

Leadership Council – November 2022

Leadership Council – November 2022 1050 618 Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

November 2022 Council Blog

Marjorie Wray, RScP & Leadership Council Chair

Dear Congregants,

November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. I am so grateful that we have Rev John DePalma as our interim minister. He is grounded in love and spirit and has been, and continues to be, a significant presence as he guides and supports us through collaborating with Namaste Center for Spiritual Living.

We have been collaborating with Namaste Center for Spiritual Living. In September, we decided to collaborate in a way that would be open to all our congregants. Practitioners from Seal Beach and Namaste developed and put together a small study group program called Adventures in Faith. On October 16th, Namasté joined us at Seal Beach, and Rev Bobbi Becker was our guest speaker to launch our Adventures in Faith. We had 92 people in our sanctuary, and the joy and love raised the roof. We have 72 people participating in these study groups. The groups include members & Practitioners from both Seal Beach and Namasté. The book “Stained Glass Spirit,” by Tracy Brown, RScP, stimulates discussion around generating more diversity and inclusiveness.

On November 6th, we will NOT have a service at Seal Beach because, just as Namasté joined us at Seal Beach in October to launch the Adventure in Faith, we will join Namaste at 4:30 at their center at 6500 E. Stearns St. Long Beach. Tracy Brown, the author of “Stained Glass Spirit,” will be the guest speaker, and after the service, we will celebrate and enjoy a potluck dinner together. The Sunday service and party are events you will not want to miss.

As you may know, we tithe local charities. In addition to Thanksgiving, we also celebrate Veterans Day in November. So in honor of Veterans, our November community Tithe goes to Fisher House. They provide lodging and other services for the families of active service members and veterans receiving care at one of their hospitals in Long Beach and Southern California.

Much Love,
Marjorie Wray
Chair of the Leadership Council

Marjorie Wray, RScP

Marjorie Wray has been in the Science of Mind community since 1985 when she started attending Huntington Beach CSL. In 2015, she joined Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living, bringing her Practitioner License she’s held since 2012. Marjorie has extensive leadership experience in key areas that help keep our center running smoothly. From leading the Usher Teams, coordinating fund raisers and events, to serving on the SBCSL Leadership Council as Chair, Marjorie makes herself available to serve in whatever capacity she can that will assist those around her in community and personal growth. With a BA in Education an MA in Psychology, 18 years of experience teaching Financial Planning, and more, Marjorie brings her professional expertise and spiritual principles together to serve through one of her greatest strengths; “to see the bigger picture and integrate the pieces”.

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