Living Everyday wonder – Nature

Living Everyday wonder – Nature

Living Everyday wonder – Nature 1050 618 Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

Living Everyday wonder- Nature

Rev. John DePalma

“Stand Tall and Proud, Go Out on a Limb, Remember Your Roots, Drink Plenty of Water, Be Content with Your Unique Natural Beauty, Enjoy the View.”

– Advice from a Tree by Ilan Shamir

Our theme this month is “Living Everyday wonder- Nature”.

What is your relationship with nature like? We all love a beautiful sunset, snowy mountains, meadows of lavender or poppies,

forest bathing and crystal-clear streams, rivers, and beaches and all their native inhabitants.

How deeply does that appreciation go? Can we truly know the complexity, mystery, and miracle of this spinning blue marble in the vastness of this galaxy?

How deeply can you appreciate the miracle that you are? If nature is clearly so magnificent then you are too!

“The Ultimate Cause back of all things must be ONE, since Life cannot be divided against Itself. The Infinite must be ONE, for there could not be two Infinite Beings. Whatever changes take place must take place within this ONE. But this ONE must be changeless, for being ONE and ONLY, it could not change into anything but Itself.” -Ernest Holmes

As we become more aware of our connection to the one, we awaken to those areas in our lives where we are out of alignment with the one, especially with Nature.

Everything we purchase carries a consequence or impact that may or may not be in alignment with the One. What is our relationship with nature from this perspective?

As we explore these consequences we can, perhaps get a greater awareness of the relationship with ourselves. And as we develop a greater self-awareness, we might begin to go deeper with our awareness of our relationships with each other. What we must understand is the universe is always evolving toward a greater loving expression, vitality and thriving environment. We can be conscious collaborators with it. Our purpose here is to be responsible stewards of this conscious evolution to the greater yet to be. Join us all month as we explore how to move into a greater self-expression that is in alignment with what we say we want – a world that works for all, where no child goes hungry, where no stands alone and where prosperity and peace prevail for all living things.


Rev. John DePalma

Rev John’s personal mission is to help our spiritual centers build diverse, inclusive, healthy, sustainable, and thriving spiritual communities. Why? To awaken humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence and create a world that works for all where no child goes hungry, where no one fears persecution, where no one is unloved and where prosperity and peace prevail.

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