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Get To Know Our Seal Beach CSL Practitioners

Our Licensed Professional Practitioners serve in affirmative prayer for anyone who requests it. We have a set time after Sunday services and online prayer request forms.

Work with a Practioner

For more in-depth work, to discuss situations needing healing or goals you wish to be realized, an appointment for spiritual counseling may be scheduled with a licensed Practitioner for a reasonable fee.


Annemarie Lovdahl, RScP

Annemarie holds degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. By her late teens she was an accomplished Spiritual Intuitive, providing insights to various clients. Later, drawn to practices of Energy Healing, she became an accredited T’ai Chi Chih and Seijaku instructor, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher, and Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher. She also worked in the aerospace industry and raised a family. Following her aerospace retirement, she became a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, working with private clients, conducting workshops, and teaching in private and group settings.


Carol Anne Perini, RScP

Carol Anne Perini is an ongoing student of the practice of Forgiveness. Her ministry is dedicated to clearing away the past hurts and fears in her own life so that she can live a truly authentic life which she shares with others. Carol Anne began her journey in SOM philosophy in 2006, becoming a practitioner in 2012, and committing to the SBCSL community in June of 2017. Her background in nursing, family group facilitation, and home health case-management brings a wealth of nurturing support to those around her. Additionally, her extensive background in the arts gives her a broadminded approach to spirituality and the challenges of being human. Carol Anne brings a deep faith, love, wisdom, and a peaceful presence to all that she does.


Dory Steinmetz, RScP

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Gina Overholt, RScP

Gina Overholt joined the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living as a member in 2011. She received her Practitioner license in through the center in 2015. In addition to serving as an SBCSL Practitioner, she has also served in a volunteer capacity on the church’s fundraising-related committees, including the silent auction and gala committee, and the annual pledge campaign committee. Her partner, Ian, serves as a Youth Church leader, and their teenaged son, Ethan, has attended the Youth Church since he was four.


Janice Guevara, RScP

Janice Guevara joined the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living’s community in 2009. She completed her Practitioner training and graduated in 2014. For several years, Janice has served on the planning committees of our annual events and brings joy, humor, and support to her commitments. After 31 years, she retired from Los Angeles Airports in 2019, and now works in the Workforce Development Division of Goodwill Industries in Long Beach where we provide job training programs for people with low or no income.


Rev. Juanita Gardner

Juanita Gardner was introduced to Religious Science in the mid-1970s. She committed to Religious Science in 1996 and received her Practitioner Licensed in 2002 from The Agape International Center for Spiritual Living. In 2005, she was ordained a religous science minister at the City of Angels Chuch of Religious Science. She received a Doctorate in Metaphysics from an independent distance learning program from the University of Sedona. She moved her Practitioner License to Seal Beach Center of Spiritual Living in 2006 where she has served as a facilitator of several certificated classes, including Practitioner Training I and II. She has been married for 54 years and has provided Spiritual Guidance to couples and singles alike. Her emphasis on forgiveness and self-healing is a major part of her Spiritual Practice. As an African American, she is committed to the indigenous people’s philosophy that by healing one’s self you heal seven generations back and seven generations forward.


Leona Rustin, RScP

Leona became a member of SBCSL in 2006, lead Green Wednesdays to address environmental issues and raise conscious efforts to reduce one’s carbon footprint, proudly served on the Leadership Council for four years, ongoingly supports the Junior church program, became a licensed RSc Practitioner in 2014, has been enthusiastically coordinating the church’s Outreach Program feeding the Greater Long Beach area’s homeless and working poor with lunches, once a month, since 2012, is a co-leader of the Power of 8 prayer circles inspired by Lynne McTaggart, and is a Life Coach through Total Health Mastery supporting clients eliminate unconscious, unwanted repetitive behaviors.


Mari Young, RScP

Mari Young became a Practitioner in 2015 through Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living. She has been a part of the community since 2014. “It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it only makes me want more for my life”. Mari has continued her studies by entering Ministerial School in 2015, with a specific love toward learning and embracing all faiths. She is passionate about sharing her faith to uplift others through teaching, volunteer work, outreach calls, and practitioner appointments. In her spare time, she enjoys her kitty, Vincent, and spending time with her friends. Mari is always open to meeting new people.


Marjorie Wray, RScP

Marjorie Wray has been in the Science of Mind community since 1985 when she started attending Huntington Beach CSL. In 2015, she joined Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living, bringing her Practitioner License she’s held since 2012. Marjorie has extensive leadership experience in key areas that help keep our center running smoothly. From leading the Usher Teams, coordinating fund raisers and events, to serving on the SBCSL Leadership Council as Chair, Marjorie makes herself available to serve in whatever capacity she can that will assist those around her in community and personal growth. With a BA in Education an MA in Psychology, 18 years of experience teaching Financial Planning, and more, Marjorie brings her professional expertise and spiritual principles together to serve through one of her greatest strengths; “to see the bigger picture and integrate the pieces”.


Pam Watanabe, RScP

Pam & her husband, Keith, have been attending Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living for over 15 years. Prior to that they attended the Huntington Beach CSL. In her secular life, Pam worked in Healthcare Management for over 25 years. She became a Practitioner in 2016. She has served the SBCSL community in many ways. She’s been co-chair of the annual fund raiser for 6 years and has been the Volunteer Chair for the past 3 years. She has also participated in the choir, Christmas parade & served as the wedding coordinator on several occasions. Most recently she made over 100 free masks for congregants before they were widely available. Pam is currently representing the Practitioners on the Core Council and publishes the “Waves of Joy” newsletter each week. “SBCSL feeds my spirit and allows me to explore my spirituality in a deeper way. I love to stay involved because our “Jewel By the Sea” fills my heart with gratitude and a deeper sense of community.”


Rachel Rosen, RScP

Rachel has been a member of the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living since September 2001 and has been a licensed Practitioner for over ten years. She is committed to being an instrument for helping others in bringing forth their own highest and best Good, whatever that may be. Having retired first as a pianist and then a massage therapist, her desire is to inspire and engage others in their own unique spiritual inquiry through prayer and inspirational writings and teaching.


Robert Travis, RScP

Travis attended a Church of Religious Science for the first time in Durango, Colorado, in 1986 and took Science of Mind I there. On May 1, 1991, he arrived in Moscow, Russia, and became the first and only outreach ministry worker for the Soviet-American New Thought Initiative (subsequently, UCRS outreach) to live in the Soviet Union (many followed after the break-up of the USSR). Travis oversaw the first translations of SOM literature into Russian and organized the first international new thought conference in the former Soviet Union in St. Petersburg the same year. During 6 years of outreach ministry between 1991 and 2002, Travis completed practitioner training at Guidance CRS, then settled in Long Beach, CA, to serve at several CSL communities. He facilitates book study groups, serves as a Guest Speaker, and hosts Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living’s International Heart of Peace Meditations. Travis is a dedicated Practitioner whose inspiration truly is to inspire and create a “World That Works For Everyone”.


Sylvia Hungerford, RScP

Sylvia Hungerford has been a Practitioner in Centers for Spiritual Living since 2013, where she completed her studies through Seal Beach CSL. From the moment she joined the SBCSL community, Sylvia has been dedicated to serving in many capacities. Her joy, wisdom, and enthusiasm is contagious! She has been trained in Grief Support, and Grief Support; Loss of a Child. Sylvia brings great depth and empathy to her grief support work here at the center. Through her personal experiences, studies in Science of Mind, and dedication, she brings great wisdom and compassion to the healing of others while on their grief journeys. Since the completion of her own Practitioner studies, Sylvia has been assisting in SBCSL’s Practitioner Training courses, both as a Teacher and a Mentor. She also co-facilitates Living and Thriving Grief, a support group here at Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living.


Tina Carson, RScP

Tina Carson began attending Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living after attending her first Foundations class in 2013. She continued her class journey until completion of Prac 1 & 2, and became a licensed Practitioner in 2017. Tina has been a musician all of her life, and frequently leads congregations in positive and uplifting music. She has been a Spiritual Councelor and Mentor since 2006, and is a Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner, working with clients individually and holding groups and workshops. She hosts classes and group studies at tinacarson.com and at Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living.

Wenda Arcala, RScP + Youth Director

Wenda Arcala, RScP, has served with the SBCSL youth since 2016. She started volunteering a couple Sundays a month and was soon there every weekend as the lead teen advisor. Wenda loved taking the teens to CSL camp in the local Southern California mountains every summer and winter. It was there on the mountain top that she received the calling to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. With much study and life changing work she became a Practitioner in June 2021. Wenda is a mother of two incredible adult children. She has a nurturing character and has always been drawn to children of all ages. She became SBCSL’s Youth Director in September 2021. Wenda is committed to her daily spiritual practices which center her in her true nature of peace and love. This allows her to show up fully present to serve in her highest capacity for the youth, volunteers, parents, and congregation.