The Theme Of YES!

The Theme Of YES!

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The Theme Of YES!

Sylvia Hungerford, RScP

“Like new buds in the spring, I am born anew each day”
– (Daily Word March 8, 2016) –

I joyfully write this Newsletter with the Theme of Yes, Thank you, More Please!! It feel so good to be Joyful, Free and to Love my life. In his book Wishes Fulfilled, Wayne Dyer says thought are things, yet, thoughts have boundaries. It is the feelings, emotions and energy infused into these thoughts that are creative. Creating the joy, happiness, love, gratitude and the experiences you desire in your life. Does this sound familiar? Holmes states “There is a Power in the Universe and you can Use It.” I practice the teachings of Holmes and the suggestions of Wayne Dyer keeping my thoughts on what I desire to create and how I want my life to be.  

After I experienced what may be called a “Dark Night of the Soul”. Prior to “Wishes Fulfilled”, I read the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. This began the untethering my soul of my past experiences from childhood through adulthood. Now most of the time, I am able to live in the Present moment giving myself the space to consider how I want to respond to circumstances or letting them go. It encouraged me to learn that I could observe these past experiences and let them flow through my consciousness without giving them any energy. 

I was in a book study for both these books with a group who have become cherished friends. We discussed and supported each other on what ways the teachings and viewpoints of both these authors would work in our lives. Each of us experienced our own transformations on how we want to go forward with our life’s purpose. Additionally, I continue to practice the SOM Spiritual Principles, Meditated and call my Practitioner who is invaluable. I encourage you to say “YES” and be open to a Practitioner. Each Practitioner at SBCSL is honored to support you. 

Recently Rev. Nicole sent an e-mail to our Practitioners, asking if we’d like to facilitate a class or a workshop. It took me 7 years to do my first one. This time I responded immediately saying YES.  Next year I’ll be doing a workshop on Visualization using the book by Shakti Gawain. I trust you’ll say Yes, joining me on a journey of your greater yet to be! 

Paraphrasing Holmes, the LAW is neutral, whatever you’re thought is, it responds. I encourage you to say Yes, Thank you, More Please!! 

Light n’ Love,


Sylvia Hungerford, RScP

Sylvia Hungerford has been a Practitioner in Centers for Spiritual Living since 2013, where she completed her studies through Seal Beach CSL. From the moment she joined the SBCSL community, Sylvia has been dedicated to serving in many capacities. Her joy, wisdom, and enthusiasm is contagious! She has been trained in Grief Support, and Grief Support; Loss of a Child. Sylvia brings great depth and empathy to her grief support work here at the center. Through her personal experiences, studies in Science of Mind, and dedication, she brings great wisdom and compassion to the healing of others while on their grief journeys. Since the completion of her own Practitioner studies, Sylvia has been assisting in SBCSL’s Practitioner Training courses, both as a Teacher and a Mentor. She also co-facilitates Living and Thriving Grief, a support group here at Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living.

(Featured Photo used in the blog by Jude Beck on Unsplash)

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