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Self Love

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Self Love

Marjorie Wray, RScP & Leadership Council Chair

We celebrate Mother’s Day in May, and we often talk about the idealized nurturing love of a mother for her child. Some of us got a lot of nurturing love from our mother and some of us not as much. What I know is that there is one power and one presence behind everything and everyone.

This God presence that indwells me and everyone else is pure infinite Love. It is in accessing this indwelling Love that supports my developing self-love. One of my lifelong intentions is to reveal more and more of this indwelling presence that I call God and the Love that is God. I believe this is a process based on progress not perfection. I also know that despite my intentions I am sometimes quick to judge myself or others. It helps me to remember that while I am an expression of this Divine presence, I am also a fallible, foil-able human being.

So, when I get out of alignment with my intentions, I recognize this does not mean I am bad or wrong, but just that I have more work to do. When a child is learning to walk, we do not judge them as bad or wrong for falling. We know that falling is a part of learning to walk. I have
taken some pretty good falls in my life, and it did not change the Truth of who I am. I also realize that all those falls where part of the process that has brought me where I am today, and I am very
grateful to be where I am today. So now when I take a fall or get out of alignment with my intentions, I realign myself as soon as I can and treat myself with the compassionate love that I would give a child learning to walk. Thus, the task is not to beat myself up, but to recognize that I am doing the best I can, and I am a work in process.

For me, this is the path to self-love, and this is a lifelong process of progress not perfection. It also helps me to recognize that everyone else is on their individual path doing the best they can, given their life experiences.

Marjorie Wray, RScP

Marjorie Wray has been in the Science of Mind community since 1985 when she started attending Huntington Beach CSL. In 2015, she joined Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living, bringing her Practitioner License she’s held since 2012. Marjorie has extensive leadership experience in key areas that help keep our center running smoothly. From leading the Usher Teams, coordinating fund raisers and events, to serving on the SBCSL Leadership Council as Chair, Marjorie makes herself available to serve in whatever capacity she can that will assist those around her in community and personal growth. With a BA in Education an MA in Psychology, 18 years of experience teaching Financial Planning, and more, Marjorie brings her professional expertise and spiritual principles together to serve through one of her greatest strengths; “to see the bigger picture and integrate the pieces”.

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