Featured Musical Guest

Sunday, September 25th, 2022 at 10:00am

Dez Glover

SBCSL Featured Guest House Musician

Introducing Desiree [DEZ] ‘The Pharoah’ Glover

She prides herself as being an accomplished instrumentalist, producer, composer, arranger, and recording engineer. Playing approximately 49 instruments with tour and travel credits brandishing a list of well-known names, this musician deserves some applause and recognition.

This Torrance born California native has been playing music since the 5th grade. She began playing clarinet after being encouraged by the music teacher on staff at Elderberry Elementary School. It didn’t take long before she branched out and moved onto the bass clarinet, but only after accomplishing accolades on the clarinet. Thus, the journey from instrument to instrument had begun.

While progressing quickly through most of the brass instruments [trumpet, baritone horn, trombone, French horn, etc.] this newfound music lover found a desire for the woodwind instruments. It wasn’t long before she found herself on the tenor saxophone, which at the time was as long as her body. Not intimidated by the large instrument, Dez went on to master the tenor saxophone before moving on to several percussion instruments as well as the upright bass in the Junior High orchestra.

Focusing her energies on only ‘3’ main instruments [trumpet – saxophones – drums], Desiree went on to high school to explore the difference of musical maturity levels. It wasn’t long before she found herself filling in when and where needed due to the extensive instrumental archive that she possessed. She quickly became a ‘band director’ favorite. She picked up the tuba [with no ease due to its’ weight] simply because the recent tuba player was expelled from school just prior to an ensemble competition in Phoenix, Arizona. She then went on to accomplish the drums after the entire percussion section was excused from the band due to their less than attractive mannerisms and blatant disrespect for the band director and school rules.

The Montclair High School Jazz Band found themselves without a jazz set drummer, and although very comfortable as the lead alto saxophone player winning awards, Dez would not be content entering competitions without a jazz drummer. So, over to the drum set she went, only to realize that she instantly had the ability once she sat down on the drum throne. She later went on to receive various jazz drum awards during several jazz festivals and competitions.

Desiree found comfortability in maintaining the role as jazz band set drummer, 1st chair trumpet player in the marching band as well as 1st chair trumpet player in the wind ensemble. It didn’t take long for Desiree to realize that HER PASSION IN LIFE = MUSIC! Although a good basketball player at the time, it wouldn’t take much effort in deciding that she wanted to spend her after school time in the band room and at after school band rehearsals as opposed to basketball practices.

She became well known around campus as a musician and often heard her name announced over the loud speaker acknowledging her many awards, accolades and accomplishments. At any given time she would find herself involved in up to 8 bands or performance ensembles at one time. She quarterly participated in District Honor bands, County Honor bands, Regional Honor bands, as well as the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parades.

She was destined to attend a college and was even offered a couple of full scholarships. However due to her naivety, she chose to remain close to home and decided to attend California State Polytechnic University of Pomona. This way she could give herself time to experience the things that she had neglected to experience since her mom kept her sheltered and restricted at home. She was not allowed to attend events throughout high school and even college unless they had to do with church or music.

Desiree “The Pharoah” Glover attended college for ‘4’ years as a Music Major on the alto saxophone. She graduated Cal Poly June of 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Performance on the alto saxophone. After completion of college she dove head first into the music arena and began to see what all she could accomplish.

Since she has begun her musical career, Dez has toured to such places as Jamaica, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and quite a few other states.

She has had a chance to play with names such as Sarah Vaughn, Varetta Heidelberg, Angela Christie, Angela & Renee, Howard McQuary, Bobby Shew, Ornette Coleman, Daryl Coley, Althea Waites, Keith Pringle, Elaine Gibbs, the Ward Singers and a list of others.

She has had the distinct opportunity to play for such names as Bill Cosby, Sidney Portier, George W. Bush, Esther Role, Dr. Phil, Cicely Tyson, Keith David, Matt Houston, as well as Maxine Waters.

She has worked in the music industry carrying such titles as studio musician, studio engineer, technical assistant, music director, promoter, event/entertainment coordinator, music instructor and music consultant. Although still aspiring to accomplish quite a few goals musically, Desiree is content as long as she is involved musically, whether it is performing, entertainment management, sound engineering, music arranging, music charting, music composition, or simply teaching someone to play.

We are looking forward to hearing much more from this very talented young woman as she is in studio quite a bit making sure that the future holds only good quality music samples of her work. Be on the lookout for her 1st completed Jazz CD, R&B CD, and her upcoming Gospel CD.

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