Youth News: March 2020

Youth News: March 2020

Youth News: March 2020 1025 603 Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

Youth News – March 2020

Lisa Ortiz, Youth Director

March is upon us, and we are getting ready to welcome spring at the SBCSL Youth Program. Just as nature emerges from its winter sleep (to the extent that there is such a thing in sunny Southern California!), our theme this month is Emerging Souls. The children and teens will explore the creative process – learning how our thoughts and feelings work in consciousness to create our reality as part of the law of mind; and how we can heal our bodies and control the conditions of our life through the power of the creative process.

The youth of SBCSL spent the second Sunday in February making Valentine’s Day cards for members of our community who are served by the Pastoral Care Program, as well as those just in need of some extra love and cheer… crafting, caring, and learning what it means to be part of a community!

Events & Announcements

Gourmet for God

Thank you for making our first annual Gourmet for God fundraiser a success!! Your generosity helped us get closer to our goal of paying for Teen Camp for any of our youth who wish to go. We are so grateful for the support of the greater SBCSL community, and we can’t wait to hear about all of the fabulous culinary experiences for which you all bid so generously!

Volunteers Needed

Another great way to support and get to know the youth in your SBCSL community is to volunteer with the Youth Program! Stop by the Youth Room or give Miss Lisa a call for more information. And feel free to ask any of our current volunteers about their experiences with our amazing youth – they are happy to share!


Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz has served with the SBCSL youth since 2014. She became Youth Director in 2017 and is loved by the entire Youth program. “Young people require authenticity,” she says, and this is my “passion in working with the youth”. She continues, “I am committed to youth church because without young people there is no church. A great teacher himself, Thich Nhat Han says “children are the flowers in the garden of humanity.” I delight in spending time with kids and I like who I am when I am in my role as director. I am showing a whole new generation how they might use our principles to navigate and create their own world. That is a very rewarding experience and one that every parishioner should be engaged in one way or another. Because without those flowers, our garden simply will not grow”. Lisa welcomes questions and communication with any and all parents. She has also established a required training program for all youth leader volunteers. If you are a parent, or desire to volunteer, and have questions, please feel free to send her a message.

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