What Is It That You Choose?

What Is It That You Choose?

What Is It That You Choose? 1050 618 Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

What Is It That You Choose?

Rev. Donna Baranyay

Science of Mind teaches “change your thinking, change your life”.  When I was introduced to Religious Science and the SOM teachings in the 1980’s this was a very popular quote.  It took me years to really understand how powerful this concept can be if we embrace and practice it.

We cannot lead a choiceless life. Every day, every moment, every second, there is a choice. If it were not so, we would not be individuals. – Ernest Holmes

What is it that you choose?  Our story defines who we are.  The definition of story that I resonate with is “an account of past events in someone’s life or in the evolution of something.”  We can stay in the not so happy parts of our story or we can write the story that is on our hearts, our deepest desires, that which we wish to manifest and demonstrate.  We can stay in the story of lack and limitation or create a story of abundance, love, and joy…or whatever calls to our heart.  We have the power to co-create a life that we chose.

Live today. Let go of your attachment to your past as an excuse for your life conditions today. You are the product of the choices you are making right now. – Wayne Dyer

It takes courage to step into a life that we feel called to live.  It’s easy to make excuses or find reasons why we shouldn’t or can’t do something that we are called to experience.  It may take work, dedication, trust, forgiveness, and letting go of an image we may have held onto for a long time, even decades, to step into something new.

Wayne Dyer’s work taught me quite a bit about excuses and the power we have to choose a new.

Allow for a new experience, one steeped in the present moment, set intentions, and allow the Divine to guide, direct, and express Itself through you, as you. What story do you want to write? Remember we are the author, director, editor, costume designer, and actor/actress in our story. Embrace, embody, and experience the Divine as you!

Rev. Donna Baranyay

Rev Donna Baranyay has been a licensed practitioner with CSL for 17 years and a practicing Religious Scientist for over 33 years. She is proud to serve our beloved Jewel by the Sea. She is also a minister, hospice chaplain, grief counselor, and coach focusing her work in spirituality, grief, and end of life care. She also maintains a blog on her website Oursacredjourneys.net.

(Featured Photo used in this blog by dorota dylka on Unsplash)

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