There Is A Power And We Can Use It

There Is A Power And We Can Use It

There Is A Power And We Can Use It 1050 618 Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

There Is A Power For Good That We Can Use

Rev. John DePalma

““When you are free, you can play, and when you are playing, you become free.”
– Heidi Kaduson

Of all the great gifts of life that bless our lives there are 2 that are valuable for top-of-mind awareness. The first is understanding the creative process. There’s a power for good in the universe and we can use it, to change our thinking, change our behavior and change our lives.

The second is we have an emotional guidance system that can, acting like a compass, guide us toward our desired destination. When used constructively with the creative process our emotional guidance system is a powerful tool that can help re-program our mind-body away from
false and limiting beliefs. Join us this month as we explore our emotions, trust ourselves to feel our feelings, stop arguing for our limitations and discover how a world that works for everyone is
already at hand!  WE are so much more than we appear to be. To paraphrase Walt Whitman, we “are not all contained between our hat and our boots!”


Rev. John DePalma

Rev John’s personal mission is to help our spiritual centers build diverse, inclusive, healthy, sustainable, and thriving spiritual communities. Why? To awaken humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence and create a world that works for all where no child goes hungry, where no one fears persecution, where no one is unloved and where prosperity and peace prevail.

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