The Impulsion of Love

The Impulsion of Love

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The Impulsion of Love

Sylvia Hungerford , RScP

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”
– Gautama Buddha

There are many versions of the history of Valentine’s Day – the month known as Love.

One was Valentine’s Day as the celebration of the life of two Christian saints, both named Valentine, was martyred around 495 A.D. One,
T. Valentine helped Christians escape from prison. Another one is said to have sent the first “Valentine” letter from jail, allegedly to the jailor’s daughter. Legend has it that he signed the note, “from your Valentine,” a greeting we still use today. Whichever saint the holiday memorializes, we generally agree he was kind, heroic, and most importantly, very much

Thus, Valentine’s Day became the patron saint of lovers.

Ernest Holmes didn’t write about sentimental Love that I could find, but he did note that there is only one ultimate impulsion in the universe. This impulsion is Love. This Love is more than an emotional sentiment, although it must include passionate feelings. It is the pure essence of Divine Givingness. Always we shall see that spiritual mind practice is a combination of Love and Law — Love as impulsion, Law as propulsion. It is through Love that we arrive at a sense of union. You are made perfect in the Law when you enter conscious communion with the Love. Love is the fulfillment of the Law. It is only through Love that the Law can fulfill itself in your experience because Love harmonizes everything, flows through everything. You can never make the most perfect use of the Law of your life unless that use is motivated by Love. It would seem to be a fundamental fact that Love is the essential reality of life. This fact would, in turn, give rise to a firm conviction that God is Love. Love is the highest Principle that Life must provide us with because It is Life acting in unity with Itself.
While Valentine’s Day is often celebrated as a “Hallmark Day” of cards and candy, go within recognizing from the martyred St. Valentines, it is the Love of God we join in unity, in us, and through all humanity.

Sylvia Hungerford, RScP

Sylvia Hungerford has been a Practitioner in Centers for Spiritual Living since 2013, where she completed her studies through Seal Beach CSL. From the moment she joined the SBCSL community, Sylvia has been dedicated to serving in many capacities. Her joy, wisdom, and enthusiasm is contagious! She has been trained in Grief Support, and Grief Support; Loss of a Child. Sylvia brings great depth and empathy to her grief support work here at the center. Through her personal experiences, studies in Science of Mind, and dedication, she brings great wisdom and compassion to the healing of others while on their grief journeys. Since the completion of her own Practitioner studies, Sylvia has been assisting in SBCSL’s Practitioner Training courses, both as a Teacher and a Mentor. She also co-facilitates Living and Thriving Grief, a support group here at Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living.

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