The God Wiggle

The God Wiggle

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The God Wiggle

Annemarie Lovdahl , RScP

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”
– Gautama Buddha

I find I am composing myself, while composing some words, to capture a few thoughts about entering a new year. So…a nice deep slow inhale and a long full release of 2021. For me, there’s a definite sense of relief when I view 2021 from my mental rearview mirror and then turn my focus to the 2022 new year ahead. I can’t help feeling that a “New” Year is inherently full of potential and fresh possibilities. Personally, I want to experience greater peace and joy, and less struggle and loss than I had in the recent past years. Perhaps you can relate to this as well.

Being a Science of Mind, or New Thought advocate, means to subscribe to the philosophy of “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.” It’s about Affirming, Declaring, Intending, Claiming, Dwelling Upon, Envisioning, Forming a Mental Picture of, and basically having Mental Tendencies and Thought Patterns of the things we wish to see Manifested, Created, Realized, Demonstrated, and Brought into Form in our lives. There are many different words and ways to describe and expand upon the “What One thinks About, One Brings About” adage.

But is it enough to simply think or say the words of what it is we want, in order to actually bring into being? Certainly, there is that necessary component of faith or “feeling” or “believing” it is so. We even express this at the end of our prayers…And So IT IS.

Even given all this, there is one more critical component to manifesting our desires. It’s like the special, mystery ingredient in a delicious recipe. A very beloved teacher of mine introduced me to it. It has an extremely technical name. And as my New Year’s gift, I will share it with you!

It’s called “The God Wiggle!”

Yes, that’s right. It is a mysterious, mystical ingredient, or component, that goes beyond our logical, rational thought process. To experience It requires stepping into that deep, often silent realm, where all possibilities exist. In that eternal timeless space and place, the Divine Ultimate Consciousness, the Pure Energy of Life and Creation resides and offers us the sensation of the God Wiggle.
The God Wiggle can be experienced as profound and large. or as small and still. It can feel like a warm expansion of our heart or a bubbly Oneness with all there is. It can be accessed during contemplation, prayer or meditation, or within a single centering thought.

As we come into that deeper state of consciousness, we can connect with It; move into It as It moves into us. It is this connection that creates the experience of the God Wiggle. In Spiritual Mind Treatment, it is commonly brought on during the step known as Unification. I was taught to only proceed with my prayer declarations and affirmations after I felt the Wiggle. If the Wiggle wasn’t there, I learned to start over again, and to continue only if the Wiggle was present.

It is the process of “mind melding” with Spirit that elicits the God Wiggle. Once we feel the Wiggle, we announce our intentions and let our desires be known. The Wiggle is the sign that the Spiritual Soil is ready to receive the impress or planting of our thoughts and desires in order to “grow” them into our reality.

If planting a seed is not an affirmative prayer analogy that resonates with you, try another. Once the God Wiggle is present, our thinking/speaking of our Declarations are like the dropping of a pebble into a still pond. From this place of stillness, ripples are created which expand as they travel out into the world, aligning, shifting, and orchestrating everything needed to manifest our desires.

January is a month representing new possibilities and beginnings. I invite you to deepen your prayer practice in 2022, and to welcome the God Wiggle as you manifest your greatest intentions, dreams, and joys.
Happy, Healthy New Year!


Annemarie Lovdahl, RScP

Annemarie holds degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. By her late teens she was an accomplished Spiritual Intuitive, providing insights to various clients. Later, drawn to practices of Energy Healing, she became an accredited T’ai Chi Chih and Seijaku instructor, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher, and Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher. She also worked in the aerospace industry and raised a family. Following her aerospace retirement, she became a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, working with private clients, conducting workshops, and teaching in private and group settings.

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