Spring & The Creative Process

Spring & The Creative Process

Spring & The Creative Process 1050 1050 Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

Spring & The Creative Process

Sylvia Hungerford, RScP

“Like new buds in the spring, I am born anew each day”
– (Daily Word March 8, 2016) –

Spring is the perfect time of year to focus on the creative process.  As we welcome nature creative process of flowers beginning to bloom and the trees are sprouting new leaves. 

In the Foundation’s Class Rev. Josh begins to teach the created process in simple terms: the soil, the seed and the plant. The human creative process may not be as simple as planting a seed.  We plant thoughts and water those thoughts with our spiritual practices of meditation, prayer treatment, affirmations, visioning, and visualization using our Spiritual Principles: God is All, in all, as all. In God all things are possible and so many more. 

My own human created process has taken many turns and detours. As a child, my first recollection (thoughts) was God is not a punishing God, so I began my journey seeking my truth through this lens. Over the course of my soul’s journey there were many seeds planted. A powerful example of a “seed” planted in my consciousness involves a story about my mother. She once told me that if I wasn’t thin by the age of twenty-five I would never be thin. (Up until that time I was overweight.) At twenty-four without any recollection of my mother’s earlier advice, I went half-willingly to an O.A. meeting. I began regularly attending these meetings and by the time I turned twenty-five I was thin. Little did I know that I had embarked on a REAL soul searching journey!  

With the weight gone, I realized there was more to be done “within me”. I turned to the support of many dear sponsors.  I was guided on what I now realize is my continued spiritual journey. This ultimately brought me to Science of Mind. 

As I reflect, I was always planting seeds and using the Science of Mind tools and principles.  To obtain employment closer to home. I visualized myself walking into the building where I wanted to work. It took two years, because God had a better plan for me in perfect timing. A final example is when I learned I didn’t pass my first Practitioner’s Oral exam, even though it was difficult, I knew there was a greater purpose. I came to Seal Beach Spiritual Center to be taught by Rev. Josh and found my true home. For me it hasn’t always been an easy process. I have to be willing to accept myself right where I am. I have drawn comfort from Emerson’s words, “God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.” So I continue on my spiritual journey recognizing there are no mistakes in God’s Universe.  I am right where I’m supposed to be with all of you at our Jewel by the Sea on my spiritual journey!!  

I invite each of you to continue your Creative Process cultivating the seeds within you.  “Like new buds in the spring, I am born anew each day”. (Daily Word March 8, 2016).

Sylvia Hungerford, RScP

Sylvia Hungerford has been a Practitioner in Centers for Spiritual Living since 2013, where she completed her studies through Seal Beach CSL. From the moment she joined the SBCSL community, Sylvia has been dedicated to serving in many capacities. Her joy, wisdom, and enthusiasm is contagious! She has been trained in Grief Support, and Grief Support; Loss of a Child. Sylvia brings great depth and empathy to her grief support work here at the center. Through her personal experiences, studies in Science of Mind, and dedication, she brings great wisdom and compassion to the healing of others while on their grief journeys. Since the completion of her own Practitioner studies, Sylvia has been assisting in SBCSL’s Practitioner Training courses, both as a Teacher and a Mentor. She also co-facilitates Living and Thriving Grief, a support group here at Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living.

(Featured Photo used in the blog by Yoksel ? Zok on Unsplash)

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