Making Your Mind Matter

Making Your Mind Matter

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Making Your Mind Matter

Carol Anne Perini, Practitioner

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Choose yours wisely.
– Joe Dispenza –

I attended a Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop this past weekend. He is an amazing speaker and I felt enormously fed by him, his example, his sense of humor, his generosity, and most of all his view of how to live in the present without doubt or fear. His work corresponds directly with our teaching, especially the ideas related by our founder Ernest Holmes when he says “change your thinking, change your life.”

I truly agree with this idea but so often I fall out of sync with the experience of abundance or physical health or relationships that are meaningful. Life steps in, busyness takes over, the “have-tos” and the “oughts” and the “shoulds” creep in causing me to move my focus off of what I truly want to what is sitting right in front of me. My old habits take over and I fall back into the same old behaviors wondering why I don’t have enough money or why is my physical health failing or why I don’t have relationships with people I love and who love me?

The truth is the habits I have chosen are based on many of my fears and doubts and without any intervention those fears and doubts color the outcomes of my desires, most often being repeated time after time.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Choose your thoughts wisely.” If I want to produce a particular result, I need to focus on that result. Some people ask, “How can I change the result? I don’t have any money or I don’t have luck with relationships or I cannot find love.” If you notice, the person speaking is telling the Universe exactly what it wants, or rather, what it doesn’t want. Dr. Joe is saying choose your thoughts wisely because though we may want something, in theory, what we may be thinking is negating any possibility of those things we want coming to us.

So, what shall we do? Proceed as though those limits to do not exist. Proceed with love because love is love. Proceed so fervently and believing beyond any limitation that what you want and what you deserve is already yours and then get ready for the avalanche to come. Expect it. Believe it. Trust it.

Your thoughts are powerful. Limits do not exist. Love is Love. And together we say…and so it is!

Carol Anne Perini, RScP

Carol Anne Perini is an ongoing student of the practice of Forgiveness. Her ministry is dedicated to clearing away the past hurts and fears in her own life so that she can live a truly authentic life which she shares with others. Carol Anne began her journey in SOM philosophy in 2006, becoming a practitioner in 2012, and committing to the SBCSL community in June of 2017. Her background in nursing, family group facilitation, and home health case-management brings a wealth of nurturing support to those around her. Additionally, her extensive background in the arts gives her a broadminded approach to spirituality and the challenges of being human. Carol Anne brings a deep faith, love, wisdom, and a peaceful presence to all that she does.

(Featured Photo used in the blog by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

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