Love is Who We Are

Love is Who We Are

Love is Who We Are 1050 618 Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

Love is Who We Are

Marjorie Wray, RScP

Love is to meet a person where they are in consciousness but to treat them as though their spiritual potential was actualized”

– Howard Thurman

Science of Mind stands firmly on the principal that everything is an expression of God and that God is infinite Love. It then follows that each of us, at our essence, is Love in expression. So when I cannot see that Love in expression, I still know that that person is an expression of God. It also means that at the times, when I don’t feel the love, I know it is still there waiting for me to recognize it.

Likewise, when I see what appears to be un-Godlike or ugly, there is a part of me that knows that this too is an expression of God and somehow this is still in Divine Right Order. It may take a while or a long time or I may never be able to see or understand the Divine Right Order. You see, I believe that God is all there is, so then it is ALL God, even when I can’t see it.

Marjorie Wray, RScP

Marjorie Wray has been in the Science of Mind community since 1985 when she started attending Huntington Beach CSL. In 2015, she joined Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living, bringing her Practitioner License she’s held since 2012. Marjorie has extensive leadership experience in key areas that help keep our center running smoothly. From leading the Usher Teams, coordinating fund raisers and events, to serving on the SBCSL Leadership Council as Chair, Marjorie makes herself available to serve in whatever capacity she can that will assist those around her in community and personal growth. With a BA in Education an MA in Psychology, 18 years of experience teaching Financial Planning, and more, Marjorie brings her professional expertise and spiritual principles together to serve through one of her greatest strengths; “to see the bigger picture and integrate the pieces”.

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