Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart

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Listen To Your Heart

Rev. Nicole Von Atsingen, Co-Senior Minister

The transformation of consciousness that is expanding our perception beyond the five senses, showing us the potential of a Universal Humanity is proceeding in full force. Each choice of love—gratitude, patience, appreciation—is a choice to evolve consciously through the healthy, constructive consequences that love creates. Why not choose the conscious path, the path of joy? Why not journey consciously to the seat of your soul—infuse your world with love and live there?
Gary Zukav

This month our theme or intention is to “Listen to Your Heart” This month starts with a re-grounding and coming back into alignment with our soul. Recognizing an inner Power and Presence that is our true nature and inseparable from the Divine. It is when our soul is properly enthroned in its seat through our conscious awareness, that we realize we have dominion over our lives. It is from being in right relationship with our soul that all Good flows forth.

The Science of Mind philosophy reminds us there is an inner divine urge, a purposefulness of Spirit, that resides within each of us at all times. One might call it our soul. Our soul has the ability to know what it wishes to express and the power to express it. As we ground ourselves in the awareness of our unity with Spirit and recognize the limitless Power within, our soul awakens to its full potentiality and becomes an outward reflection of Spirit, God, Life Itself.

In the forward to the book, The Seat of the Soul: 25th Anniversary Edition, Oprah writes, “My favorite insight: “When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment.” She goes on the explain, “I suddenly recognized all the times I’d gotten off track by letting my personality rule. I started to notice that the degree to which I ever felt unhappiness, discomfort, or despair was in direct proportion to how far I let myself stray from the seat of my soul.

This month, this day, this moment I invite us to listen to our hearts. Choose the call of our soul and the pull of our hearts and allow it to take us to places we have only dreamed of.

Rev. Nicole Von Atzingen

Nicole is the Co-Senior Minister at the Seal Beach Centers for Spiritual Living. Her ministry is to remind humanity of its inherent Goodness. One word to describe Nicole is enthusiastic, she is filled with Spirit and loves to share it. She is also a fourth-generation Religious Scientist who admittedly, although growing up in the Science of Mind philosophy, had to walk away for a few years in order to discover the truth of our philosophy in her own life.

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