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Infinite Possibilities

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Infinite Possibilities

Marjorie Wray, RScP & Leadership Council Chair

I love it when I read a scientific book that supports the principles put forth by our founder, Ernest Holmes. I experienced this as I read “Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human” by Daniel J. Siegel, MD. Daniel started as a general MD and found that it was too impersonal, so he became a psychiatrist who studies and explores the mind and consciousness. Wow! Quite a switch! He and the Quantum Physics researchers are finding that thoughts and conscious attention are energy in action. He suggests infinite potential, and when there is a deliberate intention, it becomes a possibility. When we add attention, it becomes a probability, and when we add action, actuality comes forth. He says, “mental activities may be the movement from possibility to probability to actuality.” Sometimes he uses different words, but the bottom line is very similar to what we believe. I love that more and more science prove what Ernest Holmes has taught, that our thoughts and words have the power to bring about change in our lives.

As I see it, the potential is Infinite Mind. The intention is an idea, attention is prayer/affirmations, and action is acting in the physical world, all of which brings it into expression actuality.

When I set an intention to sell my business, I put my attention on it with an affirmation and prayed, but I was not finding any buyers. After looking within more deeply, I discovered that I had some limiting beliefs about my business, so I brought them out into the light to see the truth about them, which is that they were old and no longer valid for me. Once I let go of my limiting beliefs, I changed my behavior and let everyone know that I was selling my business. Within a few weeks, I had three individuals interested in buying it! I sold my business within the next month.

When I apply this process to today, it helps me see infinite possibilities in our search for a new minister(s). When I let go of the “how” this will happen, it enables me to be open at the top instead of limiting the possibilities to what I think I know. Letting go of “how” something will happen allows me to trust in the process, knowing it is already done in the mind of God.

Marjorie Wray, RScP

Marjorie Wray has been in the Science of Mind community since 1985 when she started attending Huntington Beach CSL. In 2015, she joined Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living, bringing her Practitioner License she’s held since 2012. Marjorie has extensive leadership experience in key areas that help keep our center running smoothly. From leading the Usher Teams, coordinating fund raisers and events, to serving on the SBCSL Leadership Council as Chair, Marjorie makes herself available to serve in whatever capacity she can that will assist those around her in community and personal growth. With a BA in Education an MA in Psychology, 18 years of experience teaching Financial Planning, and more, Marjorie brings her professional expertise and spiritual principles together to serve through one of her greatest strengths; “to see the bigger picture and integrate the pieces”.

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