Community Workshop
Transitions: Moving Out of the Neutral Zone
Sunday, June 12th, 2022 @ 11:30am

Transitions: Moving out of the Neutral Zone


We dutifully make a to-do list with whatever changes loom before us either in our personal lives or the life of our community. That checklist can overlook the deeper Spiritual/psychological insights that more naturally want to emerge in the next phase of who we have come here to be. In this 1-hour workshop we’ll begin to explore the difference between making things happen as opposed to letting things unfold according to an implicate divine order of things.

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When: Sunday, June 12th at 11:30am

Cost: Free, everyone is welcome

Locations: on Zoom – link below


Rev. John DePalma

Rev John’s personal mission is to help our spiritual centers build diverse, inclusive, healthy, sustainable, and thriving spiritual communities. Why? To awaken humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence and create a world that works for all where no child goes hungry, where no one fears persecution, where no one is unloved and where prosperity and peace prevail.

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