The Forgiveness Story Workshop
Sunday, October 3rd \\ 11:30am to 2:00pm

Through this healing, you will rediscover the Truth of your inherent Worthiness, the Truth of the Love that never leaves you, and the Truth of the Security that is always yours.

– Billy Shank –

The Forgiveness Story


Facilitator: Billy Shank

THE FORGIVENESS STORY workshop is a 2-1/2 hour interactive exercise using classic storytelling techniques to explore hidden issues of blame and resentment.

During the workshop you will get plenty of theory and a few basic assumptions but when it gets down to it, the meat of the process is in the process itself.

The truth is, all the theory in the world won’t help me forgive anybody. Reading about it isn’t going to do it. If I’ve gotten to the point where I feel I need to forgive someone then that person has hurt me so badly I just can’t let it go.

But why can’t I let it go? Because it still hurts. Why does it still hurt? Because it needs to heal.

But healing is a funny thing. So often we know we’ve been hurt but we’re not sure how. And until we know how we’ve been hurt, we’re leaving the healing to chance. We’re just as liable to make it worse than to heal it.

Say you step off a curb and tweak your ankle – you could’ve hurt a muscle, a bone, a ligament, a tendon; it could be a lot of things. All you know is it hurts and you can’t walk.
But you don’t go back and kick the curb – well, maybe you do, but that doesn’t help, it just makes it worse.

That’s where a lot of us get stuck when it comes to forgiveness; we just keep kicking the curb and never find out how we actually got hurt in the first place. So we never heal and we can’t forgive even if we want to.

That’s where ‘The Forgiveness Story’ comes in – identifying ‘how’ we’ve been hurt and giving us specific tools to heal.

‘The Forgiveness Story’ is a technique, a method, a process by which you will work through your own personal forgiveness ‘issue’.

In the process, you will create a ‘Protagonist’ and an ‘Antagonist’; you will define a ‘Conflict’, experience a ‘Climactic Moment’ and produce a satisfying ‘Resolution’.

From the safe perspective of ‘Storyteller’, you will ultimately answer the question, “How was I injured and how can I heal?”

Through this healing, you will rediscover the Truth of your inherent Worthiness, the Truth of the Love that never leaves you, and the Truth of the Security that is always yours.

Finally, you will learn specific techniques designed to transform your new-found awareness into a vital Truth you can embody and live from for the rest of your life.

In short; you will tell the Truth to the lie and the Truth will set you free.


  • Sunday, October 3rd
  • 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM  in the Sanctuary
  • Cost: $20 Love Offering (no one will be refused for lack of funds)
  • Questions? Call the church office at 562-598-3325.

To enroll Call Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living @ 562-598-3325. Once enrolled, you will be sent confirmation and instructions.

Advanced Registration Preferred.

Billy Shank is a Musician, Song-Writer, Speaker, and Story Teller. If you have attended The Jewel by the Sea enough, you have been inspired and uplifted by Andrea Lane and Billy Shank through their music.

Billy is a gifted workshop presenter, and has a unique way of reaching release in forgiveness through a process of story telling. He has been offering this workshop, based on his book The Forgiveness Story, for a number of years. Billy is also a licensed Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living.

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