International World Healing Meditation
Friday, December 31st @ 4:00 am

Community Workshop

International World Healing Meditation


Facilitators: Travis, RScP

Since 1986, this has been a “here and now” event for people to share all over the world, live and in progress.  Accordingly, this event will not be archived for later viewing.

This uplifting opportunity allows you to join people around the globe all praying at the same time. On the final morning of 2021, at the specific hour, people everywhere will be meditating together on World Peace.

In California, this means Friday at 4:00 am.

Practitioner Travis will be hosting this meditation for SBCSL on Facebook Live.

Travis on Meditation:

“I am involving myself in establishing peace on earth. Know that there is a global mental atmosphere and you and every person on the planet contribute to it. Hence, the appropriateness of saying, “Be the peace you want to see in the world”.  But I’ll set world peace aside in favor of sharing the benefits of personal peace.

As I accomplish being a center of peace, my experience of life continues to be transformed. It’s really great to be at peace instead of stressed, pissed off, judgmental. A smile is commonly upon my face that is a part of feeling like I’m not the same person that I was six months ago and certainly two years ago.

It’s healthy, comfortable, and pleasant.

I’ve been meditating for 25 years. My meditations, while presented as being for world peace, familarize participants with perspectives to utilize, images to entertain and inform one how, dynamically, to become one with that Divine Presence in which we exist.

This is real, to join one’s self to that which is in essence harmony, joy, peace, wisdom, love, and more. EVERY person stands to improve their experience of Life by adopting meditation as a practice.

My intention, then, is to add to the numbers of people who are becoming increasingly effective agents for change as they bring some divine glitter to their personal lives.”

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When: Friday, December 31st at 4:00 AM

Locations: Facebook Live

Facebook Live: (press the Facebook button at time of event)


Robert Travis, RScP

Travis attended a Church of Religious Science for the time in Durango, Colorado in 1986. Rev. Marlene Oaks was speaking at the time. It was there that he completed his Practitioner training and classes. In May of 1991, he became the first and only outreach ministry worker in Moscow, Russia for the Soviet-American New Thought Initiative (UCRS) to live in the Soviet Union. Travis oversaw the first translations of Science of Mind literature into Russian, organized the first International New Thought Conference in 1991, and began teaching accredited classes, all in the former Soviet Union. Travis has brought his ministry to Southern California in 1991, serving several CSL communities as Practitioner and teacher. He facilitates book study groups, serves as a Guest Speaker, and hosts Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living’s International heart of Peace Meditations, which he designed and implemented. Travis is a dedicated Practitioner who’s inspiration truly is to inspire and create a “World That Works For Everyone”.

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