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Creative Silence

Rachel Rosen , RScP

“May You Acknowledge the voice within, and harken to its power and wisdom.”

– Mary Summer Rain

In many earth-centric traditions, the winter season is a time for “going within”, and I’m pretty sure many of us have that experience, especially if we’ve ever lived in colder climates. It is not unusual for us to want to lean more inwardly, to cocoon where we may give ourselves the space to dream and luxuriate in the stillness of our very own, private being. When I was younger, our house had a wonderful window-seat where I had the time and space to sit and stare out of the window and lose myself in daydreaming. Loosening the ties of “have-to’s” and “shoulds” gives us the freedom and space to allow our spirits and imagination to commune with Divine Spirit. When we stop yielding to boundaries and rules and laws, and stop all the “doing”, we can begin to rest inside our “being” and give ourselves the truest and purest gifts of this season: insight, repose, stillness, wisdom, and inner peace. I think of silence not as a stopping of activity and thought, but rather as a return Home where I am fed, surrounded by love and given a place to truly rest.
We may hope for that externally, as we visit with family or friends for the holidays, but when we stop the bustle of shopping, dinners and parties and settle in for a quiet chat with a friend or relative whom we haven’t seen in a while, we sink into the luxurious and timeless space of connecting. It’s one of those oxymorons that when we reach out to connect with another, we must also reach inward to find that place of realness and authenticity in order to truly be with that person.

In searching for quotes from passages in many of my books, I return to Ernest Holmes. I’d like to share some of them here, in hopes they will be taken in deeply, and perhaps some wise phrase will find its way into your heart and soul to waken the beauty of your spirit. Here are three from The Science of Mind:

My mind is quiet, calm and deeply still…My body
rests in the still silence of the Spirit. I bless my
body and my mind, for they are good and worthy
of my love. (p. 257)

When we meet each other, do we not feel that
Subtle Presence which flows through all things and
gives light and color to our everyday experiences?
In our own souls, in the silent processes of thought
and understanding, do we not sense another Presence?
There is something Divine about us which we have
overlooked. There is more to us than we realize.
(p. 388)

Back of the conflict of ideas; back of the din of
external life and action; back, back in the innermost
recesses of uplifted thought and silent contemplation,
there is a Voice ever proclaiming: “This is my Beloved
Son.” Seldom does this voice penetrate the outer world
of human experience, seldom does anyone allow it to
perfectly express through him. We must learn to listen
for this voice. (p. 366-7)

And for those seeking further words of wisdom and beauty, my favorite of Holmes’ writing on Silence is on p 418 of “Living the Science of Mind”.

Please enjoy this month of holiday celebrations while remembering the richness of deep words of wisdom and making truly loving connections. Blessings and gifts beyond measure are ours if we know where to look and how to accept.

In Light and Beauty,
Rachel Rosen

Rachel Rosen, RScP

Rachel has been a member of the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living since September 2001 and has been a licensed Practitioner for over ten years. She is committed to being an instrument for helping others in bringing forth their own highest and best Good, whatever that may be. Having retired first as a pianist and then a massage therapist, her desire is to inspire and engage others in their own unique spiritual inquiry through prayer and inspirational writings and teaching.

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