20/20 Vision: Bringing our Spiritual Vision into Focus

20/20 Vision: Bringing our Spiritual Vision into Focus

20/20 Vision: Bringing our Spiritual Vision into Focus 2560 1616 Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

20/20 Vision: Bringing our Spiritual Vision into Focus

Rev. Nicole Von Atsingen, Co-Senior Minister

Happy New Year Beloveds,

Congratulations on making another trip around the Sun! I do hope while reflecting on the past year, you have found yourself smiling more than frowning, laughing more than crying, and loving yourself more than ever.

The fabulous magic and mystery of January is that it feels like a new chance, a new start, like the slate has been wiped clean and we’ve still got another shot at this thing called Life.

I was once told that we will do less in one year that we had hoped but more in 10 years than we had ever imagined. Every year for the past fifteen years I have had the same New Year’s resolution…to be a bit better than I was the year before. This might seem ambiguous, but it is an intention, goal and a dream I hold dear. To me it means being a bit kinder, a bit more patient and loving and generous then I was the year before.

What would happen if each of us did this? Set an intention, a resolution a goal to be a bit better. No need for over correction, just a bit. In 2020, our communities overarching focus will be on 20/20 Vision: Bringing Our Spiritual Vision into Focus. I invite us all to lean into this intention, allowing it to be the theme of our lives this year. 20/20 vision is balanced and focused. It is the act of dusting off our inner lenses and seeing just a bit clearer. I look forward to our continued journey together.

With Deep Love,
Rev. Nicole

Rev. Nicole Von Atzingen

Nicole is the Co-Senior Minister at the Seal Beach Centers for Spiritual Living. Her ministry is to remind humanity of its inherent Goodness. One word to describe Nicole is enthusiastic, she is filled with Spirit and loves to share it. She is also a fourth-generation Religious Scientist who admittedly, although growing up in the Science of Mind philosophy, had to walk away for a few years in order to discover the truth of our philosophy in her own life.

(Featured Photo used in the blog by Simon Migaj on Unsplash)

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