Who We Are

We are a loving Spiritual Sanctuary where everyone is welcome.

We celebrate the abundance of life through study, inspiration, gratitude, and service.

With open hearts and minds we participate in self-transformation for a world that works for everyone.

Message from Rev. Joshua Reeves

Our Sunday messages this month will focus on listening as a way to go deeper within, not so that we may better know and be ourselves, but improve our relationships with everyone around us.
The influential Psychologist, Carl Rogers, had a theory about therapy. The role of the therapist isn’t to fix the patient, but to trust in the client’s ability to realize his or her own wholeness. The role of the therapist is to help the client, yes, but not by giving her something she cannot give herself, but through listening and support. This listening on the therapist’s part, helps the client hear herself, and through Rogers’ extensive experience with clients from so many walks of life, he concluded:

“As he listens more accurately to the feelings within, and becomes less evaluative and more acceptant toward himself, he also moves toward greater congruence. He finds it possible to move out from behind the facades he has used, to drop his defensive behaviors, and more openly to be what he truly is. As these changes occur, as he becomes more self-aware, more self-acceptant, less defensive and more open, he finds that he is at last free to change and grow in the directions natural to the human organism.”

To put it more simply- when we learn to listen to ourselves, we overcome the mistruths and limited beliefs we may be telling ourselves, to get to the heart of who we are—to again live in accordance with what we really want instead of struggling in a story about why we can never have.
How can we facilitate this deeper listening to ourselves? We could see a supportive therapist, we could see a licensed practitioner, we could see a good friend and share, we could journal. My favorite method is after or during a practice that is calming and centering like meditation or a long walk. I’ll simply check in with myself. “How are you doing?” “Do you really think that negative idea about yourself is true?” “What do you really want from this situation?” And so on. When I’m really listening to myself, it’s amazing what I have to say.
I love how similar Rogers’ basic therapeutic ideas are in alignment with Center for Spiritual Living’s teachings on how we support ourselves and others. No one is broken. No one needs fixing. No one’s feelings are bad or wrong and deserve to be heard.
Perhaps most importantly, there is a wholeness in each of us. If we can learn to trust the good deep within ourselves, it begins to demonstrate. As many illusions as we may fall into, it is ultimately this good, that each of us seeks to realize and demonstrate in his or her life. Listening is one of the greatest tools to help discover it.

Contact Rev. Josh at revjosh@sbcsl.org

What we Offer

  • Two Sunday services: 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Both services include the same Sunday message and music.
  • Youth church for elementary ages will be at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Middle school ages will be at 11:00 a.m. only.
  • Wednesday Evening Service - Meditation 6:45 p.m Service 7:00 p.m.
  • The Seal Beach Singers Choir
  • Licensed Spiritual Practitioners available for prayer support
  • Continual classes on Spiritual Living, workshops, support groups, and regular activities like Yoga and Tai Chi to uplift mind/body/spirit.
  • Marina Chapel for weddings, memorials, and other ceremonies with ministerial and coordinative support.
  • Green Team activities and events to service the environment as community
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